Investigative documents related to fatal officer-involved shooting cases

The office of Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is committed to post-investigation transparency in all officer-involved critical incidents (OICI). This means public access to investigatory information after the investigating agency has secured the physical evidence and interviewed witnesses – a process that forms the basis for any legal action stemming from the incident – and a prosecutor or grand jury has ruled on the case.

Below are documents and other information for OICI cases that have been completed. Note that any document redactions or video modifications were made to meet the requirements of Ohio’s Sunshine Laws.

Case file regarding the officer-involved shooting involving Arthur Keith and law enforcement officers from the Cleveland Metropolitan Housing Authority. The investigation was conducted by the Cleveland Police Department and was presented by an Ohio Attorney General’s Office special prosecutor to a Cuyahoga County grand jury on July 6, 2021. The grand jury issued a no-bill indictment in the case, declining to indict the law enforcement officers involved in the case.


Cuyahoga County Grand Jury Issues No-Bill in Arthur Keith Case

Main report

  • Report and Case File
  • Arthur Keith OICI File Redactions
  • Investigative documents

  • Griffiths Personnel Redacted
  • Lenz Personnel Redacted
  • Physical Evidence Examination Lab Report
  • Styles Personnel Redacted
  • Investigative photos

  • Crime Scene Photos 1
  • Crime Scene Photos 2
  • Crime Scene Photos 3
  • Crime Scene Photos 4
  • Evidence Photos Redacted 1
  • Evidence Photos Redacted 2
  • Photographs of Search Warrant and Vehicle
  • Photographs Taken by Commander Burdyshaw
  • Photos of Officers and Weapons 1
  • Photos of Officers and Weapons 2
  • Photos of Officers and Weapons 3
  • Photos of Officers and Weapons 4
  • Investigative videos

    Large files available upon request

    Copies of CMHA surveillance in their exacqVision video files as well as dispatch audio files are available upon request by emailing