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As chief law officer of the state, the Ohio Attorney General provides written opinions on legal questions at the request of designated public officials on issues arising in the course of their duties.  The Attorney General’s Office does not prepare opinions for private citizens. The Opinions Section researches, writes, and prepares for issuance and publication all formal opinions of the Attorney General. For more details about the formal opinions process, please visit the Opinions FAQs.

The Opinions Section also maintains a listing of previous AG Opinions that have been subsequently overruled.

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Requested by: Licking County Prosecuting Attorney
Pursuant to the terms of R.C. 2113.64-.67, a county treasurer cannot take an ownership interest in outstanding annuities when the designated beneficiary of the annuities is either unknown or not found.


Requested by: Ashtabula County Prosecuting Attorney
If a board of county commissioners designates a communicable-disease-control program operated by the board of health of a general health district as a tuberculosis-control unit for the county, the board of county commissioners is not permitted to enter into a contract with the general health district for the provision of these services, nor can the general health district refuse to execute the duties of the tuberculosis-control unit.


Requested by: Trumbull County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility: The positions of township fiscal officer and member of a board of education for a local school district within the same geographical area are compatible, provided that the fiscal officer refrains from assisting in the preparation of the township’s budget, the person refrains from voting on, approving, negotiating, or discussing contracts involving the township and school district, and the person does not partake in determining if or when to issue a tax abatement that impacts the township and school district.


Requested by: Geauga County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility: A person may not serve simultaneously as a local school district board member and a commissioner of a county park board if the school district is in the same county as the park board.


Requested by: Morrow County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility: A person may not serve simultaneously as a county commissioner and as the treasurer of a local school district within the same county.