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As chief law officer of the state, the Ohio Attorney General provides written opinions on legal questions at the request of designated public officials on issues arising in the course of their duties.  The Attorney General’s Office does not prepare opinions for private citizens. The Opinions Section researches, writes, and prepares for issuance and publication all formal opinions of the Attorney General. For more details about the formal opinions process, please visit the Opinions FAQs.

The Opinions Section also maintains a listing of previous AG Opinions that have been subsequently overruled.

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Requested by: The Supreme Court of Ohio
Article IV, Section 6(B) of the Ohio Constitution does not prohibit justices of the Ohio Supreme Court from participating in the vaccination incentive program.


Requested by: State Board of Education
The State Board of Education has authority to direct the Department of Education to reexamine the academic content standards and model curriculums to make recommendations to the State Board of Education as necessary to eliminate bias and ensure that racism and the struggle for equality are accurately represented, has authority to require employees of the Department of Education to take implicit bias training, and does not have authority to require that all contractors working with the Department of Education take implicit bias training.


Requested by: Union County Prosecuting Attorney
For purposes of calculating officials' salaries under R.C. Chapter 325, the results of the federal decennial census are effective as to the date on which the State receives the completed tabulations of population from the United States Secretary of Commerce.


Requested by: Lake County Prosecuting Attorney
A board of county commissioners lacks authority to establish a nonprofit convention and visitors' bureau under R.C. Chapter 1702.


Requested by: Coshocton County Prosecuting Attorney
The phrase "local authority," R.C. 4519.41(B), when used in connection with highways in a county, refers to the board of county commissioners.