The Ohio Attorney General’s Office helps businesses and nonprofit organizations in a number of ways. Businesses benefit from the office’s work to create a fair marketplace as well as a legal climate that encourages economic growth and job creation. The Attorney General helps resolve consumer disputes, recognize scams and deceptive practices, and follow best practices.

Background Check

Many public and private employers require background checks for employment purposes, and some individuals are also required to have a background check to obtain professional licensure.  The Attorney General’s Office can provide you with information about background checks, give you a list of Web Check locations, and help you confirm the authenticity of background checks showing no criminal history.


Numerous nonprofit organizations rely on bingo operations as a source of funding for their causes.  The Ohio Attorney General’s Office helps ensure these groups are properly registered with the state and receive the training necessary to operate within the law.


Charitable organizations fulfill a vital role in Ohioans’ quality of life. The Attorney General provides a variety of resources to help charitable leaders serve their communities and make donors comfortable that their contributions are being used as they intend.

Professional Solicitors and Fundraisers

Nonprofit organizations sometimes hire consultants or professional solicitors to handle their fundraising activities.  In most situations, Ohio requires these professionals to register with the Attorney General’s Office before engaging in fundraising work.