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Laboratory Division

Collectively processing more than 200,000 pieces of evidence a year, BCI’s Laboratory Division employs the highest standards of care and most advanced forensic testing technologies to provide Ohio law enforcement with accurate, timely analysis of evidence. The addition of robotics in the DNA and CODIS units has helped speed turnaround times, reducing from days to hours the time it takes to conduct certain tests.

Scientists use chemical and instrumental testing to identify components of the substances submitted. These include chemical spot tests, thin-layer chromatography, gas chromatography/mass spectrometry or Fourier transform infrared spectrometry. Scientists who test these substances also provide expert testimony regarding evidence submitted in court proceedings.

The laboratory’s forensic scientists examine evidence and report their results and conclusions to submitting law enforcement agencies.  Staff members also provide expert testimony on their findings. The Laboratory Division of the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation assists all Ohio law enforcement agencies in criminal investigations.

The BCI laboratory routinely reviews applications from college students for consideration in the Internship / Externship program. Learn more about Internship/Externship opportunities currently available.

The Laboratory Division provides information about evidence handling in specific cases and also general training and information for instructional purposes. Laboratory staff may be available to lecture as part of training courses for law enforcement personnel, as permitted by the laboratory work schedule. Contact a BCI Laboratory Supervisor for staff availability.