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Questioned Documents Unit

The Questioned Documents Unit examines handwriting for authorship and documents for alterations. The unit also performs quality assurance tests on instant lottery games for the Ohio Lottery Commission.
Can I submit copies?
Yes, copies may be submitted.  However, please submit the original evidence whenever possible or the highest quality scale copies or images.

How should I package my Document evidence?
Evidence should be submitted in paper envelopes and the evidence information should be written on the envelope prior to placing the evidence into it.  Questioned and known items should be packaged separately. 

What kind of sample do I need and how much?
  • Please submit whatever writing you have available but the more similar the sample is to the questioned writing the better. 
  • Print compares best to printed samples, all capital print to all capital print, cursive to cursive, and signatures to signatures.
  • When collecting signature samples have the person sign the name(s) in question not just their own name.
  • Similar writing instruments, paper, and writing surfaces should be used when possible.
  • Non-requested or course of business writing should be submitted whenever possible along with requested or collected writing samples.
  • There can be too little directly comparable sample.  Very rarely is there too much directly comparable sample.
What other examinations do you perform?
  • Examination of original documents for indented writing
  • Examination of obliterated writing
  • Examination of inks and papers
  • Examination of documents for alterations
  • Examination of the authenticity of documents
Questioned Document Section Submission Policies
In order to efficiently serve our customers, the laboratory has incorporated the submission policy for this section:

Questioned Document Submission Policy
Questioned Document Section Laboratory Contacts
London BCI Laboratory
Mark Losko
Laboratory Supervisor