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Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) Unit develops DNA profiles from individuals collected in Ohio in accordance with the state law. Ohio BCI serves as the state repository for offender DNA samples. The DNA results are uploaded into the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS). This database contains digital records of DNA results collected from crime scenes, convicted felons, and felony arrestees. Scientists process the offender samples, enter the DNA results into the CODIS  database, and conduct statewide searches and national database uploads in order to find potential links to evidence from unsolved crimes. The BCI London Laboratory serves as the State DNA Index System for Ohio.

Law enforcement agencies can now access the “Negative Offender DNA Flag Report” in OHLEG. The collection of a DNA sample from an adult who has been arrested, charged, or convicted of a felony for entry into the Ohio DNA database (commonly known as CODIS) is required by law (Ohio Revised Code 2901.07). These DNA samples have resulted in hundreds of investigative leads to criminal cases such as burglary, rapes and homicides each month.  BCI provides law enforcement agencies  a tool in OHLEG to identify adults arrested of a felony offense who’s DNA sample has either not been received or was not processed successfully by BCI. This tool named “Negative Offender DNA Flag Report” is simple to run and only requires an individual have a log-in to OHLEG and a date range they would like to search. We encourage law enforcement to use the Negative Offender DNA Flag report.  A fact sheet in OHLEG under “Resources” provides additional information and other frequently asked questions.

To order DNA kits for CODIS collections contact Please provide agency name, POC, mailing address, and the number of kits needed for a 3 month supply.

Download a fillable DNA Collection Form, click here.

CODIS Section Laboratory Contacts:
London BCI Laboratory
Diane Gehres
CODIS Laboratory Manager