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Trace Evidence Unit

The Trace Evidence Unit examines a wide array of evidence, including footwear and tire impressions, vehicle lamps, fiber, paint, glass and fracture matches. These materials can be analyzed to provide investigative leads and also can be compared to known samples to associate a suspect with a victim or a suspect with a crime scene.
The products of firearm discharge are collectively referred to as gunshot residue (GSR).  Collection of GSR and subsequent analytical identification of primer components lead, barium and antimony can be used to associate an individual with a discharged firearm. 
What types of evidence examinations does the Trace Evidence section perform?
Trace Evidence examinations include comparative analysis of Glass, Fibers, Vehicle Lamp, Physical Match, Impressions, and Gunshot Primer Residue analysis.
Does trace use any databases?
Yes, SICAR is a database that searches footwear impressions against footwear treads provided by manufacturers. 
Trace Section Submission Policies
In order to efficiently serve our customers, the laboratory has incorporated the submission polices for this section:
Trace  Evidence Submission Policy  
Trace Evidence Packaging

Trace Section Database Policies
Impression Database Policy

Trace Section Laboratory Contacts:
Bowling Green BCI Laboratory- Trace Testing Only
Cassandra Agosti
Laboratory Supervisor
Richfield BCI Laboratory – GSR Testing Only
Laura Risdon
Laboratory Supervisor