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Trace Evidence Unit

The Trace Evidence Unit examines an array of evidence including impressions of footwear, tires and fabric; vehicle lamps; fiber; paint; glass; tape; and physical matches. These materials can be analyzed to provide investigative leads and can be compared to samples from a known person to link a suspect to a victim or a suspect to a crime scene.

One subset of trace evidence analysis focuses on gunshot residue, or the products of a firearm discharge. Collection of gunshot residue (GSR) and the subsequent analytical identification of the primer components lead, barium and antimony can be used to link an individual to the discharge of a firearm. This analysis is performed at the Richfield Laboratory.

Unit Contact
Cassandra Agosti
BCI Bowling Green
Laboratory Supervisor
419-419-3572 | Cassandra.Agosti@OhioAGO.gov
Jennifer Duvall
BCI Laboratory
Comparative Sciences Laboratory Manager
740-845-2514 | Jennifer.Duvall@OhioAGO.gov