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BCI Identification Division

The Identification Division provides up-to-date records and state of the art technology to law enforcement and other criminal justice agencies throughout Ohio. The division serves as the central repository for all criminal records for the state of Ohio and maintains fingerprints, palm prints, photographs, and other information related to arrests within the state. The division is made up of the following units:

The Criminal Records Unit processes criminal arrest and disposition transactions received by the bureau. This entails data entry, making corrections to submitted records, processing juvenile arrest submissions and updating the criminal repository with disposition information. This unit can also assist if an individual believes his or her social security number (SSN) has been misused. Instructions on reporting SSN misuse within the state of Ohio are available here. Instructions for reporting SSN misuse outside of Ohio are also available.

Processing more than 1 million background checks a year, the Civilian Unit processes all fingerprint background check requests, including FBI background checks. The personnel in this unit scan manual cards and perform data entry of demographic data for the cards, update prior background checks upon request and answer questions from the public and background check vendors. Background check results, including criminal history records, are printed and mailed from this unit.  For Webcheck locations in your area, where you can have your fingerprints taken, click here.  Individuals who are located outside of Ohio can print a copy of the BCI fingerprint card or FBI fingerprint card and mail the completed card(s) to the BCI Civilian Unit, PO Box 365, London, Ohio 43140. More information on how to fill out the fingerprint cards can be found here

The Quality Assurance Unit is responsible for checking the completeness and accuracy of the computerized criminal history database, and training law enforcement agencies throughout the state on Ohio laws as they relate to criminal history reporting. The unit also conducts audits of Webcheck agencies to determine the degree of compliance and adherence to policies established by the Attorney General’s Office and the FBI. The Unit also provides training on the National Webcheck system.

The Fingerprint Unit is responsible for the verification of all incoming civilian and criminal fingerprint transactions with the use of the Ohio AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) System. Fingerprint Examiners classify, file, and search fingerprint files using the Henry Classification System. They assist law enforcement agencies and medical examiner’s offices in identifying known and unknown fingerprint submissions. In addition, they process all sealing and expungement requests for the State of Ohio and teach the Basic Henry Classification and the Basic Fingerprint Comparison courses at the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA). These classes are offered to law enforcement and are provided at the OPOTA London Main Campus and the Richfield Campus.   

 Resources available to the Identification Division include: 
  • The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) is a powerful crime-fighting tool that brings the latest technology to Ohio law enforcement agencies for fingerprint identification.
  • WebCheck® is a major component of Ohio's AFIS (see above). It allows agencies to electronically submit civilian background checks to BCI. WebCheck® uses the Internet to transfer fingerprints and other data from the inquiring agency to BCI in order to aid in critical decisions about hiring for schools and other agencies.
  • National Webcheck® is a partnership between BCI and the FBI to conduct FBI background checks.
  • LiveScan is designed for law enforcement agencies to securely submit fingerprints to BCI.
    View a list of LiveScan vendors.