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AG Settlement with MoneyGram Includes Money for Scam Victims

In early February, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced that Ohio was part of a $13 million settlement with MoneyGram Payment Systems Inc. over concerns that consumers used MoneyGram to make payments that were induced by fraud.


Keep your guard up when fulfilling New Year’s resolutions

The beginning of a new year is the traditional time for people to work toward a healthier lifestyle. 


New mobile device? Here are two ways to protect your identity

Did you receive a new mobile device such as a laptop computer, tablet, or smartphone for the holidays? 


Think twice before using others’ images online

The Internet has made communication faster and easier. 


Annual credit reports are vital way to catch ID theft and errors

If you are concerned about identity theft or want to understand the information that creditors access when you apply for a mortgage, apartment, credit card, car loan, or any other type of credit, check your credit report. 


When to Use or Refuse Free, Public Wi-Fi

Free, public Wi-Fi can be an easy way to connect online while on the go


Pension Advances Might Come with High Risk

The sales pitch may be tempting: trade some or all of your future pension in exchange for a lump sum of cash. 


Verizon and Sprint Customers May be Eligible for Refunds Under Cramming Settlements

Sprint and Verizon customers who experienced unauthorized third-party charges on their cell phone bills (a practice known as “mobile cramming”) have until Dec. 31, 2015, to seek refunds under national settlements Attorney General DeWine announced earlier this year.


Scam Alert: Beware When Using Mobile Payment Apps

Imagine having tickets for an upcoming concert or sporting event, but realizing at the last minute you aren’t able to go. After trying unsuccessfully to sell to someone you know, you post the tickets for sale online. 


What to Know About Debt Collection Calls

When dealing with a debt collector, it is important to understand your rights and to distinguish between a legitimate debt collector, a debt collector who fails to comply with the law, and a likely scam artist. 


Fake Check Scams Target Ohioans

Imagine selling an item online and then receiving a check for more than the agreed price. 


Ohio High School Students: Enter the Attorney General’s Scholarship Contest!

Are you looking for ways to earn money for college? 


Five Tips to Shut out Hackers and Malware

Whether you’re shopping online, connecting through social media, or checking web-based email accounts, take steps to protect your personal information from hackers and malicious software, also known as malware. 


Are you password protected?

Today, passwords are needed for everything from email to bank accounts. 


July 15: Celebrate Military Consumer Protection Day

In recognition of Military Consumer Protection Day (July 15), the Ohio Attorney General’s Office is providing information about consumer rights and scams targeting service members and their families. 


Charity Race Runners and Walkers: Do Your Research!

Participating in 5K, 10K, half-marathon, and marathon races is often a great way to raise money for charities you’re passionate about, while also accomplishing fitness goals. 


Major National Settlement with Credit Reporting Agencies

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and 30 other state attorneys general recently announced a major settlement with the three main credit reporting agencies — Equifax Information Services LLC, Experian Information Solutions Inc., and TransUnion LLC. 


Computer Repair Scammers Prey on Unsuspecting Victims

Reports to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office suggest that many Ohioans have been targeted by the “computer repair” scam in recent months. 


Before a Purchase: Do Your Homework

Before signing a contract or providing payment, do some homework on the products and services you are planning to buy. 


Scammers May Target Timeshare Owners

While many timeshare owners enjoy their properties, others cannot wait to get out from under the commitments, which can include monthly mortgage payments, maintenance fees, and property taxes. 


Beware of 'Storm Chasers' after Severe Weather

As sure as we will experience severe storms this spring and summer, home repair contractors who have less-than-good intentions are bound to come knocking on our doors. 


Avoid Tax-Related Identity Theft

Imagine filing your taxes only to learn that someone stole your identity, filed your tax return, and received a refund in your name. Unfortunately, this scenario may be a reality for many consumers this tax season.


What You Should Know About Warranties and Service Contracts

While warranties and service contracts may seem to be similar agreements, they have important differences. If you are buying a vehicle or making another high-ticket purchase, make sure you understand what you can expect from each. 


Better Credit Card Security for 2015

Swiping credit cards may soon be something of the past as the retail industry moves toward advance security protections that are already commonplace in Europe. The old swiping action — which allows the magnetic strip on credit cards to be decoded by electronic card readers — will eventually be replaced by a computer chip embedded in every new credit card. 


Combat Fraud: Celebrate National Consumer Protection Week

In recognition of National Consumer Protection Week (March 1-7), Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office has coordinated a wide range of activities to warn consumers about unfair business practices and scams and to help them understand their consumer rights. 


Scam Alert: Imposter Websites and Emails

Despite the many benefits of the Internet, such as shopping online and researching a business, there also are some pitfalls — among them, scam websites and email messages. 


Ohio Consumers Have Protections When Joining a Gym

Every January, many consumers enroll in gym memberships that will help fulfill their New Year’s resolution for a healthier lifestyle. In Ohio, gym memberships are generally considered “prepaid entertainment contracts,” similar to contracts for dance or karate lessons or dating websites.   These types of contracts provide consumers with certain rights such as the ability to cancel the agreements under certain circumstances. 


Attorney General DeWine Spearheads $3.8 Million Multistate Settlement with Sirius XM

Subscription-based satellite radio service Sirius XM has agreed to significantly change its business practices, pay $3.8 million to the states, and provide payments to eligible consumers in 45 states and the District of Columbia, based on a recent agreement led by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. 

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