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Ohio Attorney General Launches Animated Scam Video Series

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has launched a new multi-media outreach initiative to increase Ohioans’ awareness of COVID-19 scams, identity theft and red flags of scams.

“While Ohioans continue to be targeted by scammers, we are using new methods to help them learn how these scams operate, the red flags of a scam and how the Ohio Attorney General’s Office can help” said Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

To ensure more Ohio consumers know about scams and how the Attorney General’s Office can be a resource, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office created the new animated videos. The videos can be viewed here.

The episodes feature a fictional family, the Clarks, and cover the topic of identity theft, gift cards – which are often used as a payment method by scam artists – and how to spot a scam by knowing the red flags.

A few of the red flags highlighted in the animated series include:
  • You’re asked to wire money or send a prepaid money or gift card to a stranger.
  • You’re pressured to “act now!”
  • Your personal information is requested.
Tips to stay safe during COVID-19 include:
  • If you receive a call and don’t recognize the number, don’t answer! Let the caller leave a message and research what is said to see if it’s legitimate.
  • Know that scammers can “spoof” caller ID by pretending to call from your area code or another trusted-looking number. For example, they can make it seem as if they are calling from the CDC or a similar organization. Many scammers pretend to be IRS, Social Security or other government officials.
  • Watch out for emails claiming to be from expert sources with special advice or info about COVID-19. Legitimate information is available for free at and
  • Ignore advertisements promoting cures for the coronavirus.
  • Research nonprofit organizations and crowdfunding campaigns before donating. Be cautious of anyone going door to door offering coronavirus testing or requesting personal info.
  • Never carry unnecessary personal information, such as your Social Security card, in your wallet or purse.
Consumers who suspect a scam or an unfair business practice should contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at or 800-282-0515.