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Learn about Attorney General Outreach and Training Resource

People from all parts of the state are affected by the work of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. In order to meet specific needs of Ohioans, the office offers  important services to families, taxpayers, consumers, veterans, victims of crime, and other individuals.
The office is committed to being accessible to all Ohioans and offers training presentations for many different audiences, including professional groups, faith-based organizations, nonprofits, small businesses, and members of the general public.
Among the available programs are:
  • Charitable Law: The Ohio Attorney General’s Charitable Law Section is committed to making sure funds given to charities are used for appropriate purposes. The section also offers resources and guidance to charitable leaders on board governance and how to avoid fraudulent activity. Charitable Law conducts workshops on the legal obligations of charity leaders, charitable fundraising and registration, how to recognize charitable fraud, bingo and more. You also can research a charity online
  • Consumer Protection: The Consumer Protection Section helps ensure that all Ohio consumers are protected from unfair and deceptive sales practices. By providing education to consumers, its goal is to make sure all Ohioans have the tips and tools they need to protect themselves and their families. The Consumer Protection Section conducts free presentations on a variety of topics, including identity theft, senior scams, consumer rights, and cybersecurity.  It also offers presentations to small businesses on consumer protection laws in Ohio and how to avoid scams.
  • Crime Victim: The Crime Victim Services Section provides services for victims of crime including victim compensation, and training for professionals, and promotes crime prevention. The Crime Victim Compensation program reimburses qualifying victims of crime for their out of pocket expenses lost as a result of the victimization. Training is also available for victim services professionals where they develop skills related to child abuse, domestic violence, and crisis intervention.  The section also educates salon professionals on how to identify the signs of domestic violence and provide a safe referral for victims of crime.
  • Civil Rights: The Civil Rights Section represents the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. The Civil Rights Section provides free training in the areas of fair employment (employee leave, allegations of discrimination, religion in the workplace, and reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities) and fair housing and public accommodations (advertising, screening potential tenants, steering tenants, and reasonable accommodations and modifications).
A variety of free publications are available online, including resources for consumers, nonprofits, and victims. Several publications are also available in Spanish.
If you would like more information on other presentations and workshops offered by our office, please visit our website at or contact the Ohio Attorney General’s Help Center at 800-282-0515.