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Resolve to Make Healthy Goals, not Financial Headache

You may have the best of intentions to become healthier in the New Year, but before purchasing a product or service, be sure to do your homework to help prevent a well-intentioned goal from becoming a disappointment.


Learn about Attorney General Outreach and Training Resource

With more than 30 different sections, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office serves Ohio citizens in many ways, including a variety of outreach services and training resources that are free to the public. Among the available trainings and services are programs for consumers, charities, crime victims, and small businesses. 


Know Your Consumer Rights — Warranties and Service Contracts

Are you planning to purchase a new appliance or hire a home contractor? Before making these costly investments, protect yourself by learning more about your consumer rights when it comes to warranties and service contracts. 


Beware of “Malvertising” Scams When Surfing Online

Savvy consumers may be familiar with “malware,” which is short for malicious software. They also may know never to click on unfamiliar or suspicious links, attachments, or pop-up windows to avoid malware. However, today’s technology presents us with a danger that is not so easy to recognize or avoid: “malvertising,” or malicious advertising.