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Consumer Protection

The Consumer Protection Section protects Ohioans from predatory and illegal business practices. With authority granted by the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act and other statutes, the section enforces laws that prohibit unfair and deceptive practices including but not limited to: false advertising, shoddy workmanship, and failure to perform services or to deliver goods.

Consumer Protection works to protect Ohio consumers by conducting local and state investigations and by joining multi-state and federal investigations. Through cooperating with federal and other state authorities, the section has achieved landmark settlements and won millions of dollars in civil penalties and restitution for Ohioans.

The Consumer Protection Section’s Economic Crimes division assists local law enforcement and prosecutors in identifying, investigating, and prosecuting consumer fraud of a criminal nature. The division consists of four attorneys and three investigators who are dedicated solely to criminal investigations. Additionally, the division is able to draw resources from other personnel within the Consumer Protection Section when needed.

To further assist consumers and businesses, the section also provides consumer education, business education and a free informal dispute resolution process to resolve consumer complaints, including complaints related to identity theft. The process is open to small businesses and non-profit organizations.