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Most Common Complaints of 2021

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office works every day to protect families from unfair and deceptive business practices and scams. The office accepts and handles complaints to assist consumers and businesses in reaching a mutual agreement to resolve issues. In 2021, the office received more than 20,500 complaints.

The Consumer Protection Section tracks complaints in several general categories for reporting purposes. In 2021, the categories generating the most complaints were:
  1. Motor vehicles
  2. Shopping, food or beverages
  3. Professional services
  4. Home or property improvement
  5. Collections, credit reporting or financial services
  6. Utilities, phone, internet or TV services
Consumer complaints are typically handled by specialists using an informal dispute-resolution process. A complaint specialist attempts to resolve the dispute by working with the consumer and the business. Complaint resolution might involve, for example, a refund for the consumer or an adjustment of charges or services.
Complaint specialists are trained to identify problems. If there appears to be a consistent pattern of deceptive behavior, the office may investigate further and possibly take legal action against the business on behalf of all Ohioans. This legal action can be taken in order to stop current bad conduct, prevent future misconduct, or obtain restitution or civil penalties. In addition to helping individual consumers, in 2021 the office continued to take complaints from small businesses and nonprofit organizations.
AG Yost’s Consumer Protection Wins in 2021:
  • Th Civil Investigative Unit opened 146 cases, and the Civil Legal Unit filed 42 lawsuits, obtaining more than $37 million in judgments.
  • The Economic Crimes Unit continued to identify, investigate and prosecute scam artists, opening 393 criminal investigative matters. Working with local law enforcement and county prosecutors, the unit filed four indictments and obtained three convictions. These cases resulted in more than $465,000 in consumer restitution orders.
  •  The Elder Justice Unit continued to provide leadership and advocacy to combat elder abuse and exploitation throughout the state by aiding in investigations, forensic analysis, case presentation and prosecution, victim advocacy and assistance, and training and technical assistance. The unit conducted 45 trainings and presentations, reaching 3,469 attendees. 
  • The Robocall Enforcement Unit encourages Ohioans to not answer or reply to phone numbers they do not recognize. Using a complaint process designed specifically to empower Ohioans to report illegal robocalls, the unit analyzes complaint data to try stop illegal and unwanted calls and texts. The unit received more than 23,000 unwanted call reports in 2021. AG Yost’s dedication to combatting robocalls was aided with the passage of Senate Bill 54, which provides additional tools to allow the attorney general to prosecute the use of illegal robocalls with the intent to defraud, cause harm, or wrongfully obtain anything of value.
Tools for Consumers:
Consumers can also turn to the Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section to:
  • Research a business by searching for consumer complaints as well as lawsuits filed and judgments obtained by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.
  • Help obtain assistance to rectify the effects of identity theft.
  • Request a presentation (virtual or in-person) about consumer scams, identity theft, smart shopping tips and cybersecurity.
  • Receive publications about consumer protection issues.
Click here to learn more or to access the Consumer Protection Section’s free services.
Consumers who believe they have been treated unfairly or been the victim of identity theft should contact the Attorney General’s Office at 800-282-0515 or visit