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Consumer Conferences

Please consider attending one of these upcoming conferences on elder financial exploitation in facility settings, or fraud investigations and prevention. Read on to learn more. 


Business Impersonation Scams Are on the Rise

Speaking of scams, some bad actors send out legitimate-looking emails and text messages that purport to be from popular companies. Learn how to spot the red flags to avoid falling victim to one of these all-too-common business impersonation scams.


Beware of Romance Scams This Valentine’s Day

Love may abound, but scammers do, too! Don’t get your heart broken by a fake love interest. Learn about the red flags of romance scams – also known as “sweetheart” scams – that infiltrate dating websites/apps, chat rooms and online message boards.


Most Common Complaints of 2021

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office received more than 20,500 consumer complaints in 2021. Find out what areas drew the most complaints, how the Consumer Protection Section handles the informal dispute-resolution process and what other free services are available.


How to Take Back Control of Your Data

Data Privacy Week was observed last month, but it’s always the right time to remember the importance of keeping personal information private. Read on for important privacy tips and data from the National Cybersecurity Alliance.