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Check Your Library for New Scam Prevention Tools

The Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section has developed a new program to help protect Ohio’s seniors from fraud. The Senior Advocate Fraud Education (SAFE) program educates seniors, caregivers, social workers, and families about fraud and scams that target seniors. As part of the program, the Attorney General’s Office is distributing SAFE toolkits to more than 700 public libraries throughout Ohio.

To help seniors build a working knowledge of scams, the SAFE program addresses how and why seniors are targeted, safe investment practices, utility bill management, maintaining safe and fraud-free environments, and how to guard against insurance fraud, identity theft, and credit and debit card fraud.
Each toolkit includes a written guide outlining these topics and a DVD presentation of the materials. The written guide is also available on the Ohio Attorney General’s website.  
Continuing education credit is available for social workers who attend a SAFE program presentation given by a staff member of the Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section.
Organizations can sign up to request a consumer protection presentation at or by calling 800-282-0515.