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Check Your Library for New Scam Prevention Tools

The Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Section has developed a new program to help protect Ohio’s seniors from fraud. The Senior Advocate Fraud Education (SAFE) program educates seniors, caregivers, social workers, and families about fraud and scams that target seniors. As part of the program, the Attorney General’s Office is distributing SAFE toolkits to more than 700 public libraries throughout Ohio.


Fake Check Scams Target Individuals Selling Products Online

Individuals using online marketplaces to sell products may get more than they asked for when they receive an email from a “buyer” offering more money than the posted selling price.


How to Handle Unwanted Phone Calls

Reports to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office indicate that unwanted phone calls continue to be a nuisance for many consumers. Because such intrusions have the potential to rob people of time and money, the Attorney General’s Office works hard to educate consumers on how to reduce unwanted calls.


Back-to-School Shopping Tips

Back-to-school shopping season is in full swing, with notebooks, pencil cases, and binders lining many store aisles. While it can be exciting for children and adults to begin the school year with new items, it can also be expensive. Take time to read advertisements closely and watch for potential scams to avoid back-to-school-buying blues that may violate your rights.