Requested by: Department of Education
Pursuant to Article II, Section 20 of the Ohio Constitution, if the State Board of Education amends its policies and procedures manual to increase the activities and number of hours for which voting members of the Board may be compensated, a board member may not take advantage of the increases during his or her current term of office.


Requested by: Guernsey County Prosecuting Attorney
The opinion addresses a number of questions incident to the responsibilities of Guernsey County to pay a part of the compensation of a number of officers and employees of the Cambridge Municipal Court.


Requested by: Guernsey County Prosecuting Attorney
Several questions regarding the application of Crim. R. 16 and the use of Matrix in criminal discovery.


Requested by: Putnam County Prosecuting Attorney
Neither the Putnam County Board of Commissioners nor any other county officer has authority to appoint a board to operate a county home health care and hospice service as a separate and independent county board or agency.


Requested by: Wyandot County Prosecuting Attorney
Addresses several questions about whether certain actions to publicize or encourage enrollment in a released time religious instruction course may be permitted or prohibited by the policy of a board of education of a public school district.


Requested by: Warren County Prosecuting Attorney
The board of education of a joint vocational school district has no authority to establish a sick leave donation program for nonteaching employees of the district who are not members of a collective bargaining unit.


Requested by: Trumbull County Prosecuting Attorney
Addresses several questions related to a county transit board’s use of revenue derived from a tax levied by a board of county commissioners pursuant to R.C. 5705.19(Y).


Requested by: Ottawa County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility: a person may serve simultaneously as the elected, part-time Law Director of the City of Port Clinton and full-time assistant prosecuting attorney of Ottawa County primarily assigned to juvenile prosecutions, subject to conditions.


Requested by: Geauga County Prosecuting Attorney
Reviews the authority of a county auditor to require that a judicial office submit a proper order or voucher together with evidentiary matter in support of issuance of a warrant (R.C. 319.16), and to determine what is sufficient evidentiary support, in the context of the separation of powers principle.


Requested by: Cuyahoga County Prosecuting Attorney
Public record status of draft audit reports prepared by the Cuyahoga County Director of Internal Auditing under R.C. 149.43 and R.C. 4701.19(B).

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