Requested by: Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney
County recorder may accept for recording documents presented to her by means of an electronic filing system.


Requested by: Defiance County Prosecuting Attorney
Responsibility of a health commissioner or board of health of a general health district to test the waters of a river for the presence of harmful algal blooms.


Requested by: Trumbull County Prosecuting Attorney
Agreements between a county and township for the county’s performance of township road maintenance and repair and the role of the county engineer.


Requested by: Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney
Reimbursement under R.C. 505.60(D) of health care insurance premiums for coverage otherwise obtained for immediate dependents of a township officer or employee.


Requested by: Lawrence County Prosecuting Attorney
Disclosure to a county drug task force of the number of times county EMS personnel administer naloxone to persons experiencing actual or suspected opioid overdoses.


Requested by: Morrow County Prosecuting Attorney
Approval of an R.C. 503.07 petition to erect a new township does not result in the surrender of a village’s corporate powers.


Requested by: Brown County Prosecuting Attorney
Compatibility: Secret service officer appointed by the prosecuting attorney of Brown County may not serve at the same time as an investigator appointed by the coroner of Brown County.


Requested by: Perry County Prosecuting Attorney
Board of education may establish and pay for an early childhood reading program for pre-school age children who reside in the school district.


Requested by: Clinton County Prosecuting Attorney
Authority of board of county commissioners under R.C. 307.691 to donate public moneys to Clinton County Foundation, Inc.


Requested by: Trumbull County Prosecuting Attorney
Various undertakings a county, townships, and municipal corporations may do with or for a regional council of governments to enable the council to demolish neglected and abandoned buildings and remediate other nuisance properties.

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