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11/23/20   Guernsey County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR014                  
Whether a county auditor or a county recorder may refuse to accept deeds for transfer or recording via U.S. mail.

10/05/20   Erie County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR013                                  
Regarding county government budgeting and finance, can an expenditure for employee salary/benefits that has been appropriated at the line-item account level exceed the appropriation set at the legal level of control?  What is the county auditor’s role in determining whether a county appointing authority has exceeded salary/benefit appropriations when presented with a payroll transmittal by that appointing authority?  What is the auditor’s duty when processing the payroll transmittal would result in exceeding the amount in the appropriated account? Would the auditor have potential liability under R.C. 5705.45? Does the specific position held by the appointing authority have any relevance? What impact would federal Fair Labor Standards Act  provisions, such as “prompt pay”, etc. have on processing payroll from an account when the appropriation has been exceeded?

9/18/20   Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR012                            
May a county emergency medical service organization, operated by a board of county commissioners pursuant to R.C. 307.05, provide scheduled transport services of critical care patients and non-emergency transport services?

07/01/20   Licking County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR010                 
May the Treasurer of Licking County also sit as a member of the civil service commission of the City of Newark, Ohio?

05/29/20   Ashtabula County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR008                       
Can the Ashtabula County Commissioners (1) permit the payment of any amount of delinquency collections, in addition to the Treasurer and Prosecutor DTAC deposits, in a sum not to exceed 5% to the County Land Reutilization Corporation for vacant land sales and tax foreclosures; and (2) authorize the collection and distribution of any amount of delinquency collections, in addition to the Treasurer and Prosecutor DTAC deposits, to the County Land Reutilization Corporation pursuant to R.C. 5723.18, et seq., for forfeited land sales?

03/10/20   Trumbull County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR007                 
Five questions pertaining to the authority of a board of commissioners under R.C. 5709.61 to enforce requirements for applicants of enterprise zone tax incentives.

03/02/20   Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR003                                                              
Whether R.C. 307.11 permits the Monroe County Board of Commissioners to enter into a lease of county-owned real property for the purpose of the construction of an injection well.

02/07/20   Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR002                                                              
What is the required legal distribution of proceeds from the sale of real property titled in the name of a board of county commissioners that was purchased, maintained, renovated, repaired, and improved through the years by a county board of developmental disabilities’ levy funds.

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