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Pending Opinion Requests

03/02/20   Monroe County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR003                                                              
Whether R.C. 307.11 permits the Monroe County Board of Commissioners to enter into a lease of county-owned real property for the purpose of the construction of an injection well.

02/07/20   Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR002                                                              
What is the required legal distribution of proceeds from the sale of real property titled in the name of a board of county commissioners that was purchased, maintained, renovated, repaired, and improved through the years by a county board of developmental disabilities’ levy funds.

02/07/20   Medina County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR001                                                                   
Four questions regarding any excesses in a clerk’s certificate of title administration fund (CTAF)
and any possible formulas or remedies pertaining to the CTAF.

10/15/19   Ohio Public Works Commission – 2019OPR031                                    
Three questions regarding District Public Works Integrating Committees created under R.C. 164.04, and three questions regarding the Natural Resources Assistance Councils created under R.C. 164.21.

10/15/19   Mahoning County Prosecuting Attorney – 2019OPR030                                                                
Two questions regarding the scope of responsibility and requirements of an ethics council appointed by a board of developmental disabilities under R.C. 5126.031.

8/21/19   Huron County Prosecuting Attorney – 2019OPR027                                                                     
Whether a regional council of governments created by county boards of developmental disabilities is a “political subdivision” for purposes of obtaining a credit card pursuant to and in accordance with R.C. 9.21; whether the board of directors of a regional council of governments, comprised of Superintendents from the member county boards of developmental disabilities, constitutes a “legislative authority” as that term is used in R.C. 9.21.

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