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Pending Opinion Requests

1/17/2023 Highland County Prosecuting Attorney - 2023OPR001
Requesting interpretation of ORC 971.33 and whether it allows landowners or fence builders to demand the removal of trees within four feet of a partition fence.

12/13/2022 Greene County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR020
Requesting interpretation of ORC 4112.02(G) in light of Bostock v. Clayton Cty., Georgia and the Ohio Civil Rights Commission's response to it.

12/1/2022 Wood County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR019
Requesting interpretation of ORC 149.43(B)(7)(c)(ii) in light of changes made to the procedure of scanning and preserving recorded documents.

10/25/2022 Butler County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR016
Whether a county recorder is authorized or required to record memorandums of contracts for which the underlying contract affects or encumbers realty.

8/23/2022 Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR012
Whether state and local governments can fund abortions and abortion related care using state or local funds and how Home Rule impacts this ability or inability.

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