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Pending Opinion Requests

02/24/21  Clermont County Prosecuting Attorney – 2021OPR003
Whether the clerk of the Clermont County Municipal Court is required to accept possession and control of records of mayor’s courts relating to inactive cases of a village upon the dissolution of said village.

02/16/21  Miami Township Law Director – 2021OPR002 
May a part-time city prosecutor, paid for by the township pursuant to an agreement authorized by resolution of the board of trustees, and hired to prosecute criminal offenses under state law arising within the unincorporated area of the township, also represent criminal defendants for violations of state law in other jurisdictions?

02/02/21  Erie County Prosecuting Attorney – 2021OPR001
What is the extent or limitation of a board of county commissioners’ authority to determine what road projects to undertake, regardless of a county engineer’s recommendations? Is a board of county commissioners’ authority limited to appropriating the funding necessary for the county engineer’s operation within the budgeted appropriation, adhering to fiscal responsibility?

12/04/20  Portage County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR015
Whether the apportioned amounts charged to the political subdivisions and withheld by the county auditor at the tax settlement pursuant to R.C. 3501.17(A) may be paid to the elections revenue fund without the board of county commissioners adopting a resolution appropriating from the county general fund to the elections revenue fund the apportioned amount withheld.

11/23/20   Guernsey County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR014                  
Whether a county auditor or a county recorder may refuse to accept deeds for transfer or recording via U.S. mail.

03/10/20   Trumbull County Prosecuting Attorney – 2020OPR007                 
Five questions pertaining to the authority of a board of commissioners under R.C. 5709.61 to enforce requirements for applicants of enterprise zone tax incentives.

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