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9/8/2022 Lorain County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR014
Whether a county board of commissioners can approve a municipality's Petition to Conform Boundaries that has been filed with the board pursuant to R.C. 503.07, which seeks to change the township's boundaries to be identical to the boundaries of the municipality, where any of the territory that is the subject of the Petition was previously annexed into the municipality pursuant to R.C. 709.16.

9/8/2022 Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR013
Whether or not minor league baseball players are covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act's seasonal exemption and are thus exempt from Ohio's minimum wage and overtime requirements.

8/23/2022 Delaware County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR012
Whether state and local governments can fund abortions and abortion related care using state or local funds and how Home Rule impacts this ability or inability.

8/9/2022 Union County Prosecuting Attorney - 2022OPR009
Whether law enforcement officers can provide Social Security number and other identifying information of the deceased from LEADS or OHLEG to the coroner or his investigators to assist the performance of their duties and whether deputy sheriffs who are appointed as coroner's investigators under R.C. 313.05(A)(2) can provide identifying information in LEADS or OHLEG to the coroner to identify the deceased as required by R.C. 313.08.

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