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A letter from Attorney General Dave Yost


One week before the day I was inaugurated as Ohio Attorney General, Colerain Township Police Officer Dale Woods died after he was struck by a vehicle while on duty.

On that dark and rainy night, Officer Woods had pulled a woman from a burning car, saving her life. 

It was later, while still securing the scene on Colerain Avenue, north of Cincinnati, that he was struck by a pickup truck. Officer Woods was doing what the law enforcement officers of this state do every day, and what he had done for 15 years.

This time, the call of duty cost him his life, and it cost his three children a father.

I grieve with them.

And I salute the courage and tenacity exemplified by our police officers, sheriffs and deputies, investigators, firefighters and so many others who are grouped under the term “first responders.”

Whether in the most heroic moments or in the most routine, what you do is the definition of public service. 

Unlike most public employees, you put your lives on the line each day that you put on your uniform and report for duty. You understand and accept that your work includes unpredictable dangers.

And the families of Ohio – including mine – are grateful for your willingness to do that.

The understanding of how vital you are to the safety and well-being of our families and communities will be my guide as I undertake the responsibilities of the Ohio Attorney General.

I aim to be your ally in justice, and I am honored to be here to work for you and with you.

Very respectfully yours,

Dave Yost, Ohio Attorney General