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Videos to aid in school safety planning


A video series produced by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy (OPOTA) is providing guidance on how educators and law enforcement can work together to prepare for and react to a violent school incident.

Among the 25 videos in the “Active Shooter Response: An Educator’s Guide” are Planning With Law Enforcement, Coded Language, Lockdown, Lockout, Barricade Locks, Shelter in Place, Evacuation, Duties of Responding Officers, and School Safety Plan Requirements

A companion workbook provides summaries, definitions, discussion points, and next steps for each video to aid presenters who wish to share the series with a group.

“Schools should be safe, nurturing places for children to learn and grow,” said Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine during a news conference in June announcing the availability of the videos. “Ensuring that students and teachers are protected during the school day is an important responsibility for all Ohio communities.”

The videos are an update to the educator training offered by OPOTA beginning in 2013. About 15,000 educators were trained on how to intervene with students who could pose a danger and how to respond in a crisis situation. A total of 98 sessions were held across the state, and training DVDs were also provided to every school district in Ohio.

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