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Submitting NIBIN evidence to BCI

Law enforcement agencies intending to use BCI to enter ballistic evidence into NIBIN should be aware that proper handling, packaging, sealing and labeling are essential before the evidence can be submitted to the bureau. Detailed submission policies are available at

Here are some general guidelines:
  • Agencies can submit NIBIN evidence to BCI through the bureau’s evidence receiving departments in Athens, Richfield, Boardman, Bowling Green and London. Agencies need to submit evidence in person, but no appointment is necessary.
  • Spent cartridge cases for NIBIN entry are limited to those from semi- or fully-automatic firearms or 12-gauge shotguns (no revolvers), and should not be associated with any known firearm.
  • Law enforcement agencies are responsible for test-firing firearms recovered from a crime scene or found property — for example, an abandoned or discarded firearm. It is important to note that DNA sampling of the firearm should be done before test-firing. More information on DNA submissions is available at
  • Agencies submitting cartridge cases from a recovered crime gun or found property must enter the firearm information into eTrace before submission. The information should be entered no later than 24 hours after the weapon is recovered. Agencies can request an eTrace account from the ATF at
  • In order to efficiently submit evidence for NIBIN entry, agencies should use a software application on the Ohio Law Enforcement Gateway (OHLEG) called “Pre-Log” to fill in their case information and print a packing label. This should be done before arriving at the BCI evidence receiving department. Contact to request the application if it isn’t already part of your account permissions.