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A letter from Attorney General Dave Yost on victim advocates


Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost

I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to be the victim of a violent crime, or what it’s like to have a family member experience such a violation. 

No one wants to imagine what that suffering must be like. 

Just the idea makes us stop that train of thought, perhaps offer a quick prayer, and turn our attention to something else.

But crime victims do not have that luxury. 

Instead, they must deal with challenges such as physical recovery, financial stress and lost opportunity. Those burdens of violence are not lost on Aswad Thomas, keynote speaker for our Two Days in May Conference on Victim Assistance.

I marvel at the strength that keeps Thomas and other victims going.

I witnessed the aftermath of violent crime time and again during my eight years as Delaware County prosecutor, when I worked with victims to bring those who hurt them to justice. 

Along the way, I learned the tremendous value of victim advocates.

When an advocate steps in to help, victims are more likely to recover from their trauma and more likely to be able to aid in the case against the offender. And law officers can better focus on investigating the crime.

Taking care of victims and advocating for them get to the heart of my priority as Ohio’s attorney general — to protect the unprotected.

Law enforcement officers and victim advocates do exactly that every day. 

This is one of the many reasons that I am proud to sponsor the annual Two Days in May Conference. 

The event gives us the chance to say thank you to people who are passionate about helping victims find the path to healing. 
Very Respectfully Yours,
Dave Yost

Ohio Attorney General