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Beware of Insurance Enrollment Scams

While most consumers are familiar with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as Obamacare, many are not aware of the specific procedures or important dates associated with the ACA. Fraudsters may use this lack of knowledge to scam consumers and possibly steal their identities.


Don’t Bite on Phishing Schemes

In a typical phishing scam, a con artist pretends to be an employee of a bank or a government agency and asks for confirmation of account information by providing account numbers, passwords, or Social Security numbers. The scammer hopes consumers will fall for the scam and reveal personal information.


‘Mobile Wallet’ Security Tips

Smartphones and tablets allow consumers to stay connected, shop online, and even review bank account statements. Recent technology has taken convenience one step further, allowing consumers to use their smartphones as a mobile wallet.


AG Files Enforcement Actions Against Home Security Companies

Imagine a door-to-door solicitor pressuring you to purchase a home security system. He claims he can waive all installation fees and provide a 30-day right to cancel. However, after signing up, you notice unauthorized installation charges on your bank statements and unsuccessfully try to cancel the service. Similar situations have caused many consumers to file complaints with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.