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Attorney General Sues Water Treatment Seller

In August, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine sued Larry Foster, an Indiana man who went door to door selling water treatment systems to consumers throughout Ohio.

According to the lawsuit, Foster offered water purification, filtration, and softener systems under various business names, including Water’s Edge, D.C. Water Solutions, Natural Flow Water Solutions, and Water Pro.

Consumers from several Ohio counties filed complaints against the business with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau, saying the business failed to deliver the filtration system, failed to install the system, or that the system did not work as promised.

Consumers lost an average of $2,700 to the business. When consumers tried to get their money back, the business failed to provide proper refunds. In at least one instance, the business issued a refund check that was drawn from a closed account.

The Attorney General’s lawsuit charges Larry Foster with multiple violations of Ohio’s Consumers Sales Practices Act. In the lawsuit, the Attorney General seeks to stop Foster from committing further violations and to recover money for consumers.

If you are considering a water treatment system, test your water first to see if it is necessary. Don’t rely on in-home tests performed by a salesperson. Instead, ask your local government for the latest results of public water-supply tests and compare them to state and federal standards or have your water tested by a certified private laboratory. The results of such tests may reveal that you don’t need an in-home purification system to make your water supply safe and free of unhealthy contaminants.

Ultimately, if you decide to purchase a company’s water treatment system, research the business through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the Better Business Bureau before making a payment.

If you believe you have been treated unfairly, file a consumer complaint with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.