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Free personal finance training for teachers


Starting this year, personal finance education will be mandated for all Ohio high school students entering high school for the first time on or after July 1, 2010. To help teachers prepare for the mandate, state agencies are offering Teacher Academies to provide training and resources.

Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray has partnered with Ohio Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce, the Ohio Department of Education and the Ohio Council on Economic Education to make personal finance education affordable for Ohio’s districts by offering ten Teacher Academies in 2010. 

The academies are two semester/three quarter hours of graduate credit OR 12 professional development contact hours. The professional development contact hours are free, while the fees for graduate credit will be determined by each university. 

During each academy, the Ohio Attorney General's Consumer Protection Section will provide teachers with a workshop on its “Know Your Rights” toolkit. This toolkit is designed to teach students to understand their rights as consumers and to avoid common consumer scams. Additional workshops will cover budgeting, savings, investments and credit, among other topics.

View the Teacher Academy schedule.


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