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Consumer Protection Presentations and Videos Available to the Public

When it comes to fighting fraud, the best offense is a good defense – which is why the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) offers a wide range of consumer protection presentations to educate consumers about the latest trends and scams.

AGO representatives are available to provide important information about fraud, cybersecurity, identity theft and, most important, how to protect yourself and your wallet. 

Available topics include:

Consumer Scams
Scammers use a variety of tactics to make their offers seem legitimate. This presentation explores the most common types of scams faced by consumers and discusses ways to reduce the risk of identity theft. Learn to recognize the signs of a scam to protect yourself and those you care about.                        
Cybersecurity Help, Information and Protection Program (CHIPP)
As consumers of all ages rely increasingly on technology, it is vital that they understand how to protect their electronic devices and keep personal information private. Learn about the importance of security and privacy, including special challenges related to smartphones and other mobile devices. Separate CHIPP presentations are available for teen and adult audiences.
Know Your Rights: A Consumer Guide for Students                                                              
This presentation explains students’ rights as consumers. They will learn to recognize unfair sales practices and gain the knowledge they need to spend wisely in today’s economy.
Protect Yourself from Identity Theft
Identity theft is a growing trend among all populations nationwide. Learn how to protect yourself and, if you become a victim, to address the effects.
Senior Scams
Seniors (60 and older) are particularly vulnerable to fraud and scams, but many incidents likely go unreported. Learn about the latest scams targeting the senior population, and find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones.
Shop Smart: Know Your Rights
Ohio’s consumer laws will protect you from the savviest scams – if only you knew what they were! The Ohio Attorney General’s Office receives about 25,000 consumer complaints each year. Find out the top complaint categories and learn how to protect yourself from fraud.
Attorney General’s Office Scam Videos
Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has a multi-media outreach initiative to increase Ohioans’ awareness of COVID-19 scams, identity theft and how to spot the red flags of common scams.

To ensure more Ohio consumers know about scams and how the Attorney General’s Office can be a resource, the Ohio Attorney General’s Office created the new animated videos. Please note for the identity theft video has extended the availability of free weekly credit reports until December 2022! The videos can be viewed here.

If your company, organization or club would like to host a presentation, complete the request form or contact us at 800-282-0515. In-person and online presentations are available.