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Scammers Take Advantage Of “Peer-to-Peer” Payment Methods

Peer-to-peer services give consumers the ability to transfer funds online or through an app directly from their bank account. Scammers are taking advantage of these payment services by accepting money for products such as popular event tickets and then failing to deliver the tickets.


Financial Fraud and Exploitation Affecting Older Adults

With our aging population, it’s important for family members and friends to provide guidance, education and support to older adults who may be vulnerable to financial fraud and exploitation.


Beware of Rental Scams When Apartment and House Hunting

As the summer season wraps up, some Ohioans will be looking for great places to rent. Before sending any money, make sure your new landlord isn’t a con artist. Learn how to detect a phony rental posting designed to steal your money.


Consumer Protection Tips for Sales Tax Holiday, Back-to-School Shopping

As consumers prepare for Ohio’s sales tax holiday and the upcoming school year, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is offering back-to-school shopping consumer protection tips.