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Scam Alert: Imposter Websites and Emails

Despite the many benefits of the Internet, such as shopping online and researching a business, there also are some pitfalls — among them, scam websites and email messages. 


Ohio Consumers Have Protections When Joining a Gym

Every January, many consumers enroll in gym memberships that will help fulfill their New Year’s resolution for a healthier lifestyle. In Ohio, gym memberships are generally considered “prepaid entertainment contracts,” similar to contracts for dance or karate lessons or dating websites.   These types of contracts provide consumers with certain rights such as the ability to cancel the agreements under certain circumstances. 


Attorney General DeWine Spearheads $3.8 Million Multistate Settlement with Sirius XM

Subscription-based satellite radio service Sirius XM has agreed to significantly change its business practices, pay $3.8 million to the states, and provide payments to eligible consumers in 45 states and the District of Columbia, based on a recent agreement led by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine. 


Make the Most of Your Holiday Gift Cards

Now that the holiday season is over, many consumers are likely excited to redeem their gift cards. But before making any purchasing decisions, consumers should know their gift card rights and beware of common gift card scams.