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Destined to Be a Star? Evaluate Talent and Model Agencies


Before getting involved with a model or talent agent, be prepared and do plenty of research so you don’t lose money.

Whether you hear about an open casting call at the mall, listen to an advertisement about an audition, or sign up for lessons at a local agency, understanding what you are agreeing to is key.

Some companies offer “casting calls,” “job interviews,” or “auditions” that end up being a high pressured sales pitch for classes, test shoots, or travel packages to meet the real agents.

These packages can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Also, schools are not the same as agencies. Modeling and talent agencies find work for models and actors, whereas schools provide instructional classes, usually for high fees, but they do not secure work for models or actors. Generally when you finish your classes, you have to find work on your own or sign with an agency.

To avoid wasting your money:

  • Check the business’s reputation with the Ohio Attorney General's Office at and with the Better Business Bureau at
  • Make sure that you understand all the terms and conditions of the contract. Take the contract home and look at it without the pressure of a company representative present. 
  • Get everything in writing, especially verbal promises.
  • Ask for references from models that the company has recently found work for. Verify these claims with the models and the companies that hired them.

If you have a complaint with a model or talent agency or school, file with the Ohio Attorney General's Office at or call 800-282-0515.