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Tax Filers: Beware of Scams and “Ghost” Tax Preparers

Ohioans filing their taxes should be on the lookout for potential scams, including “ghost” tax preparers. Read on to prevent yourself from becoming a tax scammer’s next victim.


Ohioans Alerted to Fake Third-Party License Services

Consumers should be cautious when using the web to purchase a government-regulated permit, such as a dog or fishing license. Third-party websites are cleverly disguising themselves to look like official government agency websites, but they will take your money and provide nothing in return.


Apple Customers be on Alert: iCloud and AppleCare Scam Calls Making Their Rounds

Apple customers may be vulnerable to imposter scams where con artists pose as Apple employees. Learn how to protect yourself with our consumer tips.


Answer Only the Real Government Census, Not Scams

2020 is a census year! Once every ten years, the U.S. government conducts the census, but with so many scams out there, it’s vital to discern between the real census and imposter surveys designed to steal personal information. Read on for clues to help ensure the census you respond to this year is the real one.