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Avoid Tax-Related Identity Theft

Imagine filing your taxes only to learn that someone stole your identity, filed your tax return, and received a refund in your name. Unfortunately, this scenario may be a reality for many consumers this tax season.


What You Should Know About Warranties and Service Contracts

While warranties and service contracts may seem to be similar agreements, they have important differences. If you are buying a vehicle or making another high-ticket purchase, make sure you understand what you can expect from each. 


Better Credit Card Security for 2015

Swiping credit cards may soon be something of the past as the retail industry moves toward advance security protections that are already commonplace in Europe. The old swiping action — which allows the magnetic strip on credit cards to be decoded by electronic card readers — will eventually be replaced by a computer chip embedded in every new credit card. 


Combat Fraud: Celebrate National Consumer Protection Week

In recognition of National Consumer Protection Week (March 1-7), Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office has coordinated a wide range of activities to warn consumers about unfair business practices and scams and to help them understand their consumer rights.