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Unexpected Email: Think Before You Link

If you’ve ever received a vague email urging you to provide personal information or click on a link within the message, you’re certainly not alone. Maybe the email advertised an amazing sale or great job opportunity and made you curious to learn more. Before you click, remember that it’s important to weigh the potential for succumbing to a scam.  


Be Wary of Back-to-School Scams

The back-to-school season can be a busy time for families. Unfortunately, scammers are busy this time of year, too.


Take a Good Look at Your Phone Bill

Your phone bill may just be another one on the list to pay every month. But next time it arrives, take a second look for extra charges or fees. Some may be for services you didn’t order, agree to, or use. If you find these, you may be a victim of  “cramming.”


Beware of Scams when Buying or Selling Online

Online marketplaces make it easy for buyers to access countless products from individual sellers. But shopping this way can leave you vulnerable to scams since you may not know who is selling the item or if the item even exists. Scam artists take advantage of these unknown elements and attempt to steal your money.