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Man indicted in Coshocton County for gift-card counterfeiting scheme

In January 2024, a grand jury indicted a man on more than 300 felony charges linked to a gift-card counterfeiting operation.


Beware of deepfake celebrity-endorsement scams

Viral videos featuring celebrity endorsements on social media can be deceiving. Many are fabricated using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Learn to recognize these so-called deepfake videos to safeguard your personal information and finances and to avoid falling victim to such scams.


Watch out for home-improvement scams

Spring is a time when many homeowners start thinking about – and making – home improvements. Before hiring anyone to work on your home, make research a top priority. You’ll protect yourself from potential scams by staying informed and vigilant.


Maximize your tax refund

If you’re planning to use your tax refund for a major purchase or repair, it’s important to carefully explore financing options to ensure responsible spending. The key is maximizing the benefits to enhance your financial stability.