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Search-engine results and unexpected costs

Search engines typically make money through advertising, but scam ads sometimes make their way into search-engine results. Learn how to avoid such ads and protect yourself when searching online.


Door-to-door sales: Know your rights

Ohio’s Home Solicitation Sales Act protects consumers from high-pressure door-to-door sales by providing a three-day “cooling off” period during which a contract can be canceled. Learn more about your rights before that next knock on your front door.


Vacation-rental scams and how to avoid them

Before booking a summer vacation, learn how to spot vacation-rental scams. Spend a little time researching your vacation destination in order to avoid losing money and ensure a good time.


‘Consumer Protection Up Close’

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office opened more than 500 civil and criminal investigations in 2022. Likewise, it initiated 43 lawsuits for various unfair, deceptive or unconscionable business practices, and obtained 44 judgments and “assurances of voluntary compliance” that totaled more than $50 million in consumer restitution, civil penalties, costs and other relief for Ohioans. This month, we examine a lawsuit filed in January against a “home warranty” company by our office.