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Consumer Videos Now Available

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office now offers several new videos on consumer protection topics. Watch as Consumer Protection Section experts discuss home improvement, identity theft, and other issues, and check out the winning student videos from the office’s 2012 Take Action High School Video Contest.


Agent or Imposter?

Scammers have been posing as law enforcement officers for years, but current technology makes the scheme more convincing.


AG Shuts Down Fraud Ring

In March, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Miami County Prosecutor Gary Nasal announced the guilty plea of the ringleader of a telemarketing fraud scheme that stole millions of dollars from thousands of victims across the country.


‘Spear Phishing’ Scams Hit Close to Home

In a typical phishing scam, a con artist pretends to be an employee of your bank or a government agency and asks you to confirm account information by submitting your bank account number, password, or Social Security number. The scammer hopes you will fall for the scam and reveal personal information.