Past Ohio Attorneys General 2003–2011
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Past Ohio Attorneys General 2003–2019

Profile headshot of Jim Petro
Jim Petro
Attorney General of Ohio


Petro’s term as Attorney General was highlighted by his various initiatives directed at protecting Ohio’s children and elderly populations and providing assistance to the law enforcement community. A Republican from Cuyahoga County, Petro attended Denison University and Case Western Reserve University School of Law. He has served as City Prosecutor, Member of Council, and Director of Law in Rocky River, Ohio. Petro was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives in 1980, as Cuyahoga county Commissioner in 1990, and Auditor of State in 1995.

Profile headshot of Mark Dann
Marc Dann
Attorney General of Ohio


Marc Dann was an attorney in private practice for 16 years before being elected Attorney General of Ohio. He also represented the 32nd Ohio Senate District from 2003-2006. As Attorney General, he was an energetic advocate for the people of Ohio and focused particular attention on consumer rights and mortgage fraud. He enhanced the services the Office provides to Ohioans and forged new partnerships with law enforcement. Dann resigned from office on May 14, 2008.

Profile headshot of Nancy H. Rogers
Nancy H. Rogers
Attorney General of Ohio


Nancy H. Rogers was appointed by the Governor to be Ohio’s 48th Attorney General. She is remembered for her work with colleagues in returning stability to, and restoring public confidence in, the Office of the Attorney General. Rogers enhanced the effectiveness of the Office by developing and encouraging a diversity plan and cultivating an environment where all employees are treated with respect. Prior to becoming Attorney General, Rogers was the Dean of The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law.

Profile headshot of Richard Cordray
Richard Cordray
Attorney General of Ohio


As Attorney General, Richard Codray stood on the side of Ohio families and households in need of help. He responded to excesses on Wall Street by recovering billions for workers and retirees. He expanded consumer protection services to help small businesses and non-profits. Cordray supported law enforcement by cutting response times for lab tests, improving tools for officers on the streets, reforming training requirements, and fighting human trafficking. He personally argued and won important cases in the Ohio and U.S. Supreme Courts.

Profile headshot of Mike DeWine
Mike DeWine
Attorney General of Ohio


Mike DeWine's mission as Attorney General was protecting Ohio's families. He did this in a number of ways, including expanding the capacity of BCI's crime labs and reducing the time it took to return DNA and drug tests. DeWine initiated the Sexual Assault Kit Testing Initiative, which tested more than 14,000 previously untested rape kits and led to hundreds of indictments. Major litigation under DeWine included an antitrust suit against suppliers of rock salt to Ohio local governments, the signing of the National Mortgage Settlement, and lawsuits against opioid manufacturers and distributors.