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Consumer Protection Workshops


Cybersecurity Help, Information, and Protection Program (CHIPP)

As consumers of all ages rely more and more on technology, it is vital they understand how to protect their electronic devices and keep personal information private. Learn about the importance of both security and privacy, including the special challenges presented by the use of smartphones and other mobile devices. CHIPP presentations are customized according to the age of the audience, with teen and adult versions available. (1 hour)

Financial Fraud Targeting Older Adults

Senior administrators will be trained to recognize the signs that an older adult is a victim of financial exploitation. They also will learn about helpful consumer resources and how to report scams and other problems to the appropriate organizations. 1 CEU credit hour is available to social workers. (1 hour)

Know Your Rights: a Consumer Guide for Students

This presentation will give students an understanding of their rights as consumers. Students will learn to recognize unfair and deceptive sales practices and gain the knowledge they need to spend wisely in today’s economy. (1 hour)

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Identity theft is a growing trend among all populations across the nation. Learn to protect yourself from identity theft and how to address the effects of identity theft should you become a victim. (1 hour)

Senior Scams

Seniors (age 60 and up) are particularly vulnerable to fraud and scams, however many incidents likely go unreported. Learn about the latest scams targeting our senior population, and find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones. (1 hour)

Shop Smart: Know Your Rights

Ohio's consumer laws will protect you from the savviest scam artists… if only you knew what they were! The Attorney General's office receives more than 25,000 consumer complaints each year. Find out the top ten complaint categories and learn how to protect yourself from fraud. (1 hour)

Senior Advocate Fraud Education (SAFE)

SAFE educates caregivers, social workers, seniors, and their families about frauds and scams targeting older adults. In an effort to build a working knowledge, the SAFE program educates about why older adults are targeted; which scams target older adults; avoiding insurance fraud; practicing safe investing; managing utility bills and preventing scams; fighting back against identity theft; avoiding credit and debit card fraud; and maintaining safe and fraud-free environments. (90 minutes required)


The Attorney General is committed to protecting military service members, veterans, and their families. This workshop will address scams targeting the military, as well as laws designed to protect our military personnel. Attendees will also learn about the Attorney General’s Patriot Program, which provides legal advice on certain topics to active duty members. (1 hour)