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DRAM Settlement for Governmental Entities

Ohio is one of a number of States that has settled claims based on allegations of price-fixing by the manufacturers of DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory), included in computers and computer-related products.  In 2007 the Ohio Attorney General and several other states filed an action in federal court on behalf of a class of governmental purchasers of DRAM, called The State of California et al. v. Infineon Technologies AG et al. C 06-4333 PJH.  Members of the class, are entitled to notice of claims and have certain rights which are detailed in the Notice, including the ability to opt out of the class or file an objection to the settlement.  Due to many factors, including the vast number of governmental purchasers in the state over which the recovery would have to be divided, a direct distribution was not practicable.    Rather, the Court has approved the use of a cy pres distribution.  We encourage you to visit the settlement website at for more information.

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