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Active Shooter Response: An Educator’s Guide Videos

Thumbnail Image of Video 1: Planning With Law Enforcement

Video 1: Planning With Law Enforcement

School administrators should work with local law enforcement to create and practice emergency management plans and make sure law enforcement has up-to-date information.

Thumbnail Image of Video 2: Coded Language

Video 2: Coded Language

Using code words may lead to confusion among those who most need the message. Short, specific instructions leave less room for doubt or panic.

Thumbnail Image of Video 3: Lockdown

Video 3: Lockdown

During a lockdown, the goal is to quickly get all students, school personnel, and visitors to a secure place.

Thumbnail Image of Video 4: Lockout

Video 4: Lockout

If criminal activity or violence is happening outside the school, administrators may call for a lockout as a precaution.

Thumbnail Image of Video 5: Shelter in Place

Video 5: Shelter in Place

A shelter-in-place order may be issued in the event of an emergency outside of class time, such as during lunch or between classes.

Thumbnail Image of Video 6: Evacuation

Video 6: Evacuation

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for evacuations, but there are several factors to consider.

Thumbnail Image of Video 7: Calling 911

Video 7: Calling 911

Proper 911 use can help prevent overwhelming the system while allowing important information to be passed on to first responders.

Thumbnail Image of Video 8: Duties of Responding Officers

Video 8: Duties of Responding Officers

The priority for officers responding to an attack at a school is to find and stop the threat.

Thumbnail Image of Video 9: Reunification

Video 9: Reunification

Reunification plans can help bring parents and students together as soon as possible after an emergency.

Thumbnail Image of Video 10: Recovery

Video 10: Recovery

In the aftermath of an incident, school officials should look to the district’s recovery plan as a first step to healing.

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