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Traffic Stops (Turn Signals on, but no Turn is Made): State of Ohio v. Coyle

Question: Do you have reasonable suspicion to pull a car over when the signal is on for 10 seconds, but the car does not turn?
Quick Answer: No.


OVI Tests (Impact of a Lip Ring): State of Ohio v. Gibbs

Question: Can you have an OVI suspect perform a breath test with a lip ring in the mouth?
Quick Answer: Yes, if the lip ring was not inserted in the mouth/lip less than 20 minutes before the test.


Miranda and Confessions (Confession by Individual with Mild Mental Retardation): State of Ohio v. Noles

Question: When you ask an individual with mild mental retardation questions and he confesses to a crime, is that a legitimate confession and did you need to give him Miranda warnings?
Quick Answer: A confession is legitimate if it is voluntary and you can show the individual understood the situation and consequences of making the confession. As you know, Miranda only needs to be given in situations in which the individual is in custody. In this type of situation, the individual needs to understand he is not in custody.


Proper Protocol (How to Weigh Marijuana): State of Ohio v. Flachbart

Question: If you find a brick of marijuana, what parts of the plant are accounted for in the final weight?
Quick Answer: Anything contained in the marijuana brick can be weighed if that was the way you received it.


Search and Seizure (Scent of Marijuana is Reasonable Suspicion): State of Ohio v. Harris and State of Ohio v. Green

Question: If you smell marijuana while at a suspect’s home or vehicle, do you have probable cause for a search?
Quick Answer: Yes.


The “Reality” of Cold Cases

With the craze of reality TV, shows like “Cops” have become a social phenomenon. Now reality TV has set out to solve cold cases with “Cold Case Files” on A&E and “Cold Justice” on TNT.