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Bachynski v. Stewart, 2015 U.S. App. Lexis 22492 (6th Circuit)

Question: Can an arrested suspect who invokes right to counsel later waive that right while speaking to officers assisting the suspect in contacting an attorney?


State v. Leak, 2016 Ohio 154

Question: Does the mere arrest of an occupant of a lawfully parked vehicle trigger police impoundment and a warrantless inventory or search of the vehicle?


State v. Williams, 2016 Ohio 439

Question: When responding to a shots-fired call, observing fresh blood outside the residence door and hearing a commotion inside, may officers enter the dwelling without a warrant?


State v. Elmore, 2016 Ohio 129

Question: Does a trespasser have a reasonable expectation of privacy on the real property in which they are trespassing?