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Watch Out for Energy Scams and Learn Where to Get Assistance

Ohioans should be on the alert for scammers posing as utility company representatives, and threatening to discontinue service to the customer unless the consumer provides personal information or immediate payment for utility service. Read on to learn more about these utility scams as well as where to turn if you need payment assistance.


Consumers Bombarded with Credit Card Interest Rate Phone Calls

Whether they want them or not, many consumers are receiving robocalls telling them they are eligible for a lower interest rate on their credit card. Most likely, these calls are more than annoying – they’re also part of a scam. Read about these calls and what to do if you are really interested in a lower rate.


October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Online Tips for Parents

With the global pandemic, many parents and their children are turning more often to online resources using devices such as tablets, smartphones and laptop computers. Read on to apply cybersmart tips to help keep you and your children safe while online.


Tips to Shop Smart During Black Friday Sales

Time will fly by, and before you know it, Ohioans will start their holiday shopping. As like many things this year, in-person shopping on Black Friday may be different than usual. Whether online or in-person, consumers should understand their rights to shop smart this holiday season.