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Taking the Mystery Out of Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping jobs may appear to be flourishing, but make sure your secret shopper job doesn’t become a surprise you never wanted. Learn to recognize the signs of mystery shopping scams and how to avoid falling for them.


Know Your Rights: Robocalls

Federal laws generally prohibit companies from making robocalls to you without your written consent, so read on to learn more about the law and for tips to help limit future calls.


Five Free (or Low-Cost) Ways to Stop Identity Theft

Many identity theft protection services charge monthly or annual fees, but there are other free and low-cost methods to protect your identity.


Crowdfunding: What to Know Before Donating

If you’re asked to make a donation online to cover someone’s medical costs, to help victims of a tragedy, or to fund another cause, learn the basics of crowdfunding and how to spot a potential scam.