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State Files for Temporary Shutdown of Columbus Refinery for Air Pollution Violations


(COLUMBUS, Ohio)—Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine today filed charges in court seeking the temporary shutdown of a Columbus petroleum product refinery for ongoing air pollution violations that have caused substantial odor nuisances. On behalf of Ohio EPA, DeWine filed Written Charges in Contempt against Heartland Petroleum in Franklin County Environmental Court for violating previous court orders which prohibit the company from releasing uncontrolled emissions and causing a public odor nuisance.

“The State of Ohio cannot allow a facility to release harmful emissions in violation of its permit. For the protection of nearby workers and residents and to ensure compliance with Ohio laws and regulations, it is necessary that we seek a temporary shutdown of this facility while these recurring emissions problems are corrected,” said Attorney General DeWine.

Heartland Petroleum operates a refinery on the eastside of Columbus which reprocesses petroleum products such as used motor oil. In September 2010, the Court issued an order that required Heartland to study and implement engineering modifications to address emissions violations and odor nuisances. Earlier this month, Heartland voluntarily shut down the refinery to make modifications to address recurring emissions issues involving odorous sulfur-containing compounds. These modifications revealed underlying problems at the refinery.  Heartland resumed operations on October 19th but odors continue to be a nuisance.



Written Charges in Contempt (PDF)

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