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Petition Statute to Ensure Vaccine Choice and Privacy in Ohio Rejected Over Summary


(COLUMBUS, Ohio) — The Ohio Attorney General’s Office today rejected the summary for a proposed statute that would enact Section 3792.02 of the Ohio Revised Code to maintain vaccine choice and privacy.

On Nov. 30, the Attorney General’s Office received summary language for “Vaccine and/or Gene Therapy Choice and Anti-Discrimination,” a proposed statute requiring the state to protect Ohioans’ privacy regarding vaccine choice from vaccine registries and discrimination; provide transparency; and reinforce that schools must honor vaccine choice and privacy, protect Ohio businesses honoring vaccine choice and privacy, and provide legal recourse for vaccine choice and privacy violations.

The attorney general’s role in the petition process is to determine whether the summary is a fair and truthful representation of the proposed statute. The submitted petition does not meet that requirement.  

response letter sent to the petitioners today says that “the summary does not properly advise a potential signer of the proposed statute’s character and limitations.” The letter identifies three defects within the submitted summary.

The petitioners were encouraged to carefully review and scrutinize the summary to ensure that it accurately captures the proposed statute’s definitions, contents and purport before resubmitting it.

The full text of the rejection letter and the petition can be found at

Luke Sullivan: 614-270-2662


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