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Grand Jury Declines to Indict Springfield Township Officers in Fatal Shooting; Case Files Released


(AKRON, Ohio) — A Summit County grand jury today declined to indict Springfield Township police officers in the shooting of Jeremy McCracken, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced.

“After reviewing BCI’s investigation, the grand jury determined that the involved officers should not face any criminal charges,” Yost said. “As a matter of complete transparency, we have published BCI's entire investigation on our website for anyone to view." 

On Oct. 5, 2022, Yost’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) was requested by the Springfield Township Police Department to investigate an officer-involved critical incident that occurred at 2347 E. Waterloo Road in Akron.

BCI’s investigation determined that a Springfield Township police officer was attempting to tow a junk vehicle from the property for ongoing zoning violations. Jeremy McCracken emerged from a residence on the property and began firing a pistol at the officer and a tow truck operator. The officer – and second officer who arrived on scene during the incident – fired their service weapons. McCracken was struck and subsequently transported to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Once completed, BCI’s investigation was referred to a special prosecutor from the Attorney General’s Office, appointed by the Summit County prosecutor to present the case to a grand jury. The grand jury issued a “no bill” indictment, declining to charge the involved officers.

As a part of its efforts to document all pertinent facts of the incident, BCI did the following:

  • Interviewed the officers who discharged their weapons, canvassed the neighborhood and interviewed several civilian witnesses.
  • Reviewed all available surveillance video that captured any portion of the incident.
  • Processed the crime scene for potential evidence, including photographing, searching, measuring, documenting and collecting evidence.
  • Obtained search warrants to analyze electronic evidence, including a cell phone and social media pages.
  • Conducted forensic laboratory examinations and evidence comparisons on firearm-related evidence, including casings and projectiles.
  • Evaluated training and personnel records of the involved officers.
BCI’s case files have been posted to the attorney general’s website. The site archives case files for fatal officer-involved critical incidents only after a case is closed, as state law precludes any earlier release in order to ensure a fair investigation and judicial process.

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