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The Ohio Attorney General’s Office, through its Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI), works with local law enforcement agencies to combat illicit drug activity that ranges from street-level drug trafficking to complex, multi-jurisdictional conspiracies.  BCI Agents bring the latest technological tools to an investigation, including photo and video equipment, pen registers to track phone and Internet activity, thermal imagery, body wires, vehicle tracking devices, and ground sensors.

BCI has a specialized unit that focuses on methamphetamine and marijuana-growing operations.  Drug lab agents can respond with vehicles equipped with breathing apparatuses, personal protective equipment, portable decontamination equipment, sampling gear, generators, and other tools to assess, process, and dismantle labs.  The unit also conducts free clandestine laboratory safety and awareness training, which can be customized for various audiences.  Agents also locate and eradicate tens of thousands of pounds of marijuana each year and work to arrest those responsible for indoor and outdoor growing operations throughout Ohio.

Because BCI typically acts in a support role when fighting drugs, call your local police department or sheriff’s office if you want to report suspicious drug activity.

Tip line: 1-855-BCI-Ohio (224-6446)