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Officer-Involved Critical Incident Response Team

People need to know that these incidents are not going to be swept under the rug.”

Rev. Dr. Jimmie Hicks Jr., Start Right Church, Cleveland Heights

Calling in BCI is a signal to the community that we want to be transparent and do things right.”

Greene County Sheriff Gene Fischer

Independence is a bedrock principle of fair investigations. When law enforcement agencies investigate their own — no matter how competent and thorough the investigation — the approach can jeopardize community trust in the outcome. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office offers a solution: BCI’s Officer-Involved Critical Incident Response Team.

This team is composed of investigators independent of local law enforcement who are trusted for their skill and expertise in documenting the facts of officer-involved critical incidents.

BCI’s Special Investigations Unit and its Officer-Involved Critical Incident Response Team investigate more police shootings than any other agency in Ohio. They have the experience to ensure that any incident is properly, fairly and thoroughly reviewed, and they produce trustworthy results.

The unit literally wrote the book on how to run these investigations.

To report an officer-involved critical incident and request a BCI investigation, law enforcement agencies should call 855-224-6446.

Law enforcement agencies may request a more detailed guide to requesting help from the Officer-Involved Critical Incident Response Team by calling 855-BCI-OHIO.

Scott Stranahan
Special Agent Supervisor
Northwestern Ohio unit
Kevin Barbeau
Special Agent Supervisor
Southeastern Ohio unit
Mark Kollar
Special Agent-In-Charge
Northeastern Ohio unit
William Jones
Special Agent Supervisor
Southwestern Ohio unit